Gene expression profiling

Gene expression profiling is the measurement of the activity of genes. The MMprofilerTM with SKY92 reads expression levels of 92 genes of a malignant plasma (myeloma) cell. Based on the different levels of expression, the MMprofilerTM with SKY92 results in an objective and reliable MM risk prognosis and therefore estimate MM disease aggressiveness. International guidelines identify gene expression profiling as a powerful and useful risk assessment tool.


Results proven accross multiple cohorts

MMprofilerTM with SKY92 identified up to 18% of multiple myeloma patients as high risk for rapid disease progression across eight independent cohorts representing 1,390 patients.


Results proven in newly diagnosed and relapsed patients

MMprofilerTM with SKY92 accurately identifies newly diagnosed and relapsed multiple myeloma patients who are at high risk. MMprofilerTM with SKY92 has demonstrated consistent accuracy when identifying high-risk MM patients in eight major independent cohorts. Three of the eight cohorts are shown below:


Strongest predictor of overall survival

In a 2015 published evaluation of 32 combination of existing multiple myeloma risk markers, validated novel markers, and combinations, MMprofilerTM with SKY92 (EMC92) ranked highest in overall survival on the validation data both in combination (SKY92/ISS) and as a standalone (SKY92). 


The International Staging System (ISS) is a simple risk stratification algorithm based on two parameters: B2-M and serum albumin. When used in combination with MMprofilerTM with SKY92, it provides:

  • validated identification of high-risk, standard-risk and low-risk multiple myeloma patients

  • personalized patient information to minimize the overtreatment of low-risk patients

  • data to stratify patients for treatment options in a clinical trial